Beckie Middendorf -SHDHS Advancement Director
For successful and tireless efforts in Student Enrollment, Capital Campaign, Fund Raising, Student Endowment, Alumni, and Public Relations. Beckie’s life is a demonstration of our theme, “Stand Firm in Faith,” and it assures the future of our community.

Tim Kappes -School Board President
For leadership and service to the mission of SHDHS.
Faith – Crusaders for Life & Catholic Identity
Arts – Master Set Builder
Leadership – School Board President & Covid Committee Member
Scholarship – Imparting knowledge and training of both students & faculty
Tim’s commitment to SHDHS and the witness of his life exemplifies our theme, “Stand Firm in Faith.”

Michael Fay – Chemistry Teacher
For boundless energy, and knowledge of and dedication to all pillars of SHDHS.
Faith – Retreats & Liturgical Ministry
Arts – Plays, Music, and Assistant Theater Manager
Athletics – Game manager and fan of many sports
Leadership – Awards Committee Chair, Technology, and Student Council
Scholarship – Teacher and Academic Team Moderator
In all circumstances and areas of life, he demonstrates our theme, “Stand Firm in Faith.”

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