SHDHS Service Program (2021-2022)


To live the Catholic/Christian faith by following Christ’s command to love our neighbor as ourselves. The goals are to learn about service agencies and the needs of others, to engage in direct service through the corporal works of mercy, and to spiritually reflect on service experiences.
“As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” (1 Peter 4:10)

Requirements for 2021 – 2022

  1. For Religion Class Grade
    • Completion of a minimum of 5 red hours during the school year, and correctly recorded on MobileServe according to requirements outlined in class and below.
    • Completion of service learning assignments and projects as outlined in class.
  2. For Official Service Records, Awards and Scholarships
    Log all red and white hours completed on MobileServe according to the guidelines outlined below and on the MobileServe tracking system.
  3. All Service for one’s official service transcript and records are to be direct service within the community. (Contact the Service Coordinator for special exceptions if needed.)

Service Terminology

  1. Direct Service On-site service benefiting the community (non-profit agencies, schools, and parishes) without compensation, involving direct interaction with the people or agency being served during non-school hours.
  2. Types of Direct Service
    • Red Hours – Acts of direct service benefiting the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized in society through non-profit agencies
      Examples: Mary Rose Mission, Special Olympics, St. Vincent dePaul, Mission Trips, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Urban Education centers, Pro-Life Events, Rose Garden Mission, Redwood, GoPantry, Master Provisions, etc.
    • White Hours – Acts of direct service benefiting a parish or school community
      Examples: Open House, Parish Festival, Fish Fry, Vacation Bible School, Tutoring, Peer Ministry, CCD aide or teacher, etc
  3. The following does NOT count for service credit:
    • Indirect/offsite or remote service
    • Examples: making blankets, crafts, collections, fundraising, writing cards
    • Service provided to family, friends, or neighbors
    • Anything that is an expectation or requirement of belonging to a team
    • Time spent on travel or rest during a service activity

Logging Service Hours

  • Utilize the assigned MobileServe account to record, verify, and calculate service hours.
  • All hours are to be logged into MobileServe by the end of the month of which they were completed.
  • Record ALL hours served – both Red and White Hours – even when the minimum requirement is met. This serves as important documentation for resumes, service awards, and scholarships.
  • Parents and family members are not permitted to act as a supervisor/verifier for hours logged onto MobileServe.


  • First Semester
    Service Learning assignments as outlined and graded by the teacher.
  • Second Semester
    A “Service” grading category in Schoology will make up 6% of a student’s overall Religion grade. This includes the completion of 5 Red Hours logged into MobileServe (3%) and a reflection assignment given by the student’s Religion teacher (3%).

Service Awards

  • Students who complete an exemplary number of service hours will be officially recognized at the end of the school year. (See MobileServe for more information)

Service Coordinator:

  • Manages the MobileServe site, approves service opportunities, verifies service hours, and updates the service opportunity calendar.
  • Contact the Service Coordinator regarding MobileServe procedures, service hour grading, and clarification as to what counts as service.
  • Any service opportunity promoted to students by faculty/staff MUST be approved by the Service Coordinator in advance. Students should confirm with the teacher promoting the opportunity or with the Service Coordinator that the opportunity has been approved prior to completion of the service
  • Only the Service Coordinator may determine exceptions to service hours classification.

Contact Information


Angie Poat
Campus Ministry

(M.A. Religious Studies, B.A. Sociology & History)
Zack Zvosecz
Campus Ministry Staff & Service Project Coordinator

(M.A. Theology)