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Angie Poat
Campus Ministry Staff & Service Project Coordinator

(M.A. Religious Studies, B.A. Sociology & History)
Email: [email protected]
Zack Zvosecz
Campus Ministry Staff & Service x2vol Administrator

(M.A. Theology)
Email: [email protected]



Service Program

Purpose and Mission – To live the Catholic/Christian faith by following Christ’s command to love our neighbor as ourselves.  “As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” (1 Peter 4:10).  Loving God is intrinsically tied to loving one’s neighbor.


Service Program Goals:

  1. Involve students in direct service to those in need;
  2. Promote Gospel-based lifestyles and choices among students;
  3. Help students reflect on experiences and pay special attention to why service is important;
  4. Enable learners to work in cooperation with others—peers, the school/parish, and the community—in promoting justice and service:
  5. Nurture in students a lifelong commitment to justice and service.


Service Hours:

  1. Yearly Student Requirements
    • (So/Jr/Sr) 20 hours of direct service per school year
      • 10 hours of direct service each semester 
        • 5 hours of summer service may be applied to first semester only
        • First semester hours do not rollover to second semester
      • Of the 20 total hours, at least 10 hours must be Red Hours
    • (Freshmen) 15 hours of direct service
      • 5 hours of direct service in first semester and 10 hours of direct service in second semester 
      • Of the 15 total hours, at least 5 hours must be Red Hours
    • Semester Due Dates:
      • First semester service hours are due Wednesday, December 4th, 2019
      • Second semester service hours are due Wednesday, April 29th, 2019


  1. Direct Service
    • On-site service benefiting the community (non-profit agencies, schools, and parishes) without compensation, involving direct interaction with those being served 
      • Service that benefits family, friends, and/or neighbors is not accepted for service hour credit.
      • Service provided as a requirement of a team, club, organization, or business is not accepted for service hour credit.
      • However, doing service with family, friends, neighbors, teams, clubs, organizations, or businesses for the benefit of others is highly encouraged.


  1. Types of Direct Service: RED & WHITE Hours 
    • RED Hours – Acts of service benefiting the poor, vulnerable and marginalized in society through non-profit agencies (ex: Mary Rose Mission, Special Olympics, St. Vincent dePaul, Mission Trips, Nursing Homes/Hospitals, Urban Education centers, Pro-Life Events, Rose Garden Mission, Redwood, etc.)
      • A minimum of 10 total RED hours is required for the year; hours can be accrued at any time during the school year as long as the requirement is met by the end of the year deadline
    • WHITE Hours – Acts of service benefiting a parish or school community (ex: Open House, Craft Fair, Parish Festivals, Fish Fry, Vacation Bible School, Tutoring, Peer Minister, Renaissance Festival, etc)


  1. Recording and Calculating Hours
    • All hours are to be logged into x2VOL within 30 days of completion
    • Hours only accepted for the amount of time worked; travel and rest time not included
    • Hours only accepted for service outside of school hours
    • Record ALL hours served, even when requirement is met, this is important documentation for resumes, service awards, and scholarships
    • Note: Events organized by a parish/school that directly serve the disadvantaged and marginalized (ex a mission trip, March for LIfe, or Mary Rose Mission) are counted as Red hours even though they occur with a parish or school
    • Parents and family members are not permitted to sign x2VOL as a supervisor



  • 10% of student’s Religion grade during 2nd and 4th quarter is Service.  50% of the grade is directly proportional to the hours served and 50% is determined by the reflection paper submitted to and graded by student’s Religion teacher.


Service Awards

  • Students are highly encouraged to serve beyond the minimum service requirements.
  • Students who complete an exemplary number of service hours will be officially recognized at the end of the school year. 


Service Advisors:

  • Service Project Coordinator – Provides leadership with school wide projects, functions as community and staff liaison, provides reflection paper questions, and works with student leaders.
  • x2VOL Administrator – Manages the x2VOL site, approves service hours, and manages the service opportunity calendar. Contact Mr. Zvosecz regarding x2VOL procedures, service hour grading, and what counts as service.