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Angie Poat
Campus Ministry Staff & Service Project Coordinator

(M.A. Religious Studies, B.A. Sociology & History)
Email: [email protected]
Zack Zvosecz
Campus Ministry Staff & Service x2vol Administrator

(M.A. Theology)
Email: [email protected]



Service Program

Due to COVID-19 health and safety measures,
SHDHS will approach Service differently during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Purpose and Mission – To live the Catholic/Christian faith by following Christ’s command to love our neighbor as ourselves. “As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” (1 Peter 4:10). Loving God is intrinsically tied to loving one’s neighbor.

Service Program Goals:

  1. Encourage students to engage in direct service to those in need when safe and appropriate.
  2. Enable students to theologically reflect on their service experiences.
  3. Help students learn about service agencies, needs, and opportunities to serve.
  4. Enable learners to work in cooperation with others — peers, the school/parish, and the community — in promoting justice and service.
  5. Nurture in students a lifelong commitment to justice and service.

Service Hour Requirements:

  • Direct Service hours will not be mandatory during the 2020-2021 academic year due to health and safety concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. However, students are encouraged to do service whenever it is prudent and appropriate.

Direct Service:

  • Direct Service is defined as “On-site service benefiting the community (non-profit agencies, schools, and parishes) without compensation, involving direct interaction with those being served.”
  • Direct Service is subject to any safety regulations in effect from the state or service agency. Students are encouraged to seek out low-contact or no-contact service opportunities.

Red Hours and White Hours:

  • RED HOURS – Acts of service benefiting the poor, vulnerable and marginalized in society through non-profit agencies (ex: Mary Rose Mission, Special Olympics, St. Vincent dePaul, Mission Trips, Nursing Homes/Hospitals, Urban Education centers, Pro-Life Events, Rose Garden Mission, Redwood, etc).
    • NOTE: Events organized by a parish/school that directly serve the disadvantaged and marginalized (ex a mission trip, March for LIfe, or Mary Rose Mission) are counted as Red hours even though they occur with a parish or school.
  • WHITE HOURS — Acts of service benefiting a parish or school community (ex: Open House, Craft Fair, Parish Festivals, Fish Fry, Vacation Bible School, Tutoring, Peer Minister, Renaissance Festival, etc).

Recording Hours:

  • All hours are to be logged into x2VOL within 30 days of completion.
  • Record ALL direct hours served. This is important documentation for resumes, service awards, and scholarships.
  • Non-Approved Hours:
    • Time spent traveling to/from service opportunities and on rest breaks
    • Service activities during school hours
    • Service required of a team, club, organization, or business

Non-Recordable Service:

  • As a part of our overall school mission and Catholic identity, though we do not include the following as recordable service, we strongly value and encourage:
    • Indirect service (collections, letter writing, prayers, bake sales, fundraising, making items for those in need)
    • Service that benefits family, neighbors, and friends


  • The “10% Service Grade” is omitted from student grades/curriculum during the 2020-2021 academic year. However, service educational opportunities, research assignments, theological reflections, and spiritual works of mercy will be factored into the overall Religion grade as best determined by the teachers
  • Parents, family members, and students are not permitted to act as the verifier of service and cannot sign off as a supervisor for direct service activities

Service Awards:

  • The “Saint Teresa of Calcutta Award for Outstanding Service” is awarded to students who have completed an exemplary number of direct service hours over the course of their four year high school career.
  • The “Service Merit Award” is awarded to students who have completed an exemplary number of direct service hours over the course of a single academic year.
  • All logged direct service hours will still be documented during the 2020-2021 academic year for the purpose of recognizing outstanding service.

Service Advisors:

  • Service Project Coordinator — Provides leadership with school wide projects, functions as community and staff liaison, provides reflection paper questions, and works with student leaders. Contact Mrs. Angie Poat to submit service project opportunities.
  • x2VOL Administrator — Manages the x2VOL site, approves service hours, and manages the service opportunity calendar. Contact Mr. Zvosecz regarding x2VOL procedures, service hour grading, and what counts as service.