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Academic Support Programs

AAIMS Program Overview and Application Information

The Academic Achievement through Intervention, Mentoring, and Support (AAIMS) Program of St. Henry District High School serves students that have been identified as having a mild to moderate disability including but not limited to: cognitive, medical, psychological, or physical conditions that may interfere with their academic performance. The learning and/or physical disabilities of these students have been fully documented and evaluated by the appropriate professionals. This documentation will provide the AAIMS Committee with a clear picture of a student’s strengths and weaknesses and will facilitate the development of an appropriate academic support plan. Students taking advantage of these services will be scheduled for a daily class period in the AAIMS classroom and receive 1 credit each year.

The emphasis of the AAIMS Program is to support students with special needs during high school in order to prepare them to succeed in their post-secondary transition. The AAIMS team hopes to better enable students to assume responsibility of their own education and promote self-advocacy.
Admissions Requirements:

  • Completion of Application for Admission, Parent Information Form, Residence and Referral Form, School Information Form, and Student Information Form.
  • Student must be evaluated by a psychologist for a discrepancy between aptitude and achievement with a learning disability identified. These evaluations must be completed within the past 3 years (i.e. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children) and an individually administered measure of achievement in Reading, Math, and Writing (i.e. Woodcock-Johnson or Kaufman Test of Achievement).
  • Student should be recommended for admission to the AAIMS program by either his/her previous school or by the psychologist who tested the student.
  • Highly suggested that RTI (Response to Intervention) information from previous school be submitted for consideration
The support offered in the AAIMS program includes, but is not limited to:
  • Empowering students to be more proactive in their education
  • Implementing attitudes for success
  • Engaging them in the process of determining their post-secondary transition
  • Managing time and organization
  • Reviewing core content
  • Note-taking strategies
  • Critical reading skills
  • Researching skills
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Promoting quality and completion of work
  • Administering career surveys/assessments
  • Standardized test preparation
The AAIMS teachers will:
  • Better enable students to assume responsibility for their own education and promote self-advocacy;
  • Provide academic and post-secondary transition advising;
  • Monitor and consult with faculty regarding progress or lack thereof on all AAIMS students;
  • Provide for the individual learning differences and learning styles for the student by teaching to his/her strengths while working with the student’s challenges; and
  • Inform teachers of each student’s academic profile and of classroom accommodations described in his/her ALP.
The Parents’ Role:
  • Parents are encouraged to understand that their child’s learning style is unique, and that parental involvement is critical in helping their child cope in the high school setting;
  • Frequent communication with intervention specialist and classroom teachers is essential for all AAIMS participants; and
  • Participation in conferences requested by the parent and specialist when needed.

AAIMS Program is staffed by four full-time professionals who work collaboratively to support the AAIMS student’s learning needs, academic programming, college counseling, and any social/emotional needs that may arise while they attend St. Henry District High School. Our team wants each student to have an individualized, positive, and well-rounded experience that will not only prepare them to become great students, but responsible and contributing citizens in our society.

St. Henry District High School offers all students the opportunity to use the Media Center for after school homework. The Media Center is opened to all students from 2:35 p.m. until 3:45 p.m. as a quiet place to study, complete homework, and get additional assistance from teachers. Two or more teachers are present in the room to monitor and assist students. The students may also use the Media Center as a place to access computers, complete homework, do research, meet with a small group to study, and complete group projects.

The National Honor Society (NHS) sponsors a peer tutoring program to meet the needs of all students who would like additional academic assistance in any discipline. All tutoring takes place before school from (7:10 – 7:40) or after school from (2:45 – 3:15) in Ms. Bridget Kaiser’s room (Room 204) Monday through Thursday. Students are required to sign in and sign out each time that tutoring takes place. Students are expected to be present for all tutoring sessions as the student who provides the tutoring receives service credit for their effort. Tutors are either members of NHS or other students who excel in any given discipline and wish to be of service to others.

To obtain a tutor, please use the following guidelines:

  1. See Ms. Bridget Kaiser in Room 204 before school, during homeroom, or after school to request a tutor. A face to face meeting is required to establish the best plan for the student.
  2. Students must specify the subject, the day(s) to be tutored, and whether morning or afternoon tutoring is needed.
  3. After the request is made, it is posted and announced to interested students.
  4. Once a match is found, the student will be called to the office to pick up a note that states the day(s), the time, and the beginning date.
  5. For each tutoring session, the students are required to sign in and sign out to validate that the service has been completed.
  6. If a student is absent, please notify the office that the student is to be tutored that day so that Ms. Kaiser can notify the tutor.

If your student is having difficulty in a course, it is always best to seek help as soon as possible to enable the student to recover and to increase their grade before the end of the quarter. It is always recommended to see the current teacher for help prior to requesting a peer tutor.

Flex-time is a 30 minute period between third and fourth period classes where students are free to visit teachers to ask questions about specific subjects and/or assignments, make-up missed work, study as individuals or in groups, take advantage of faith opportunities in the chapel / campus ministry, work off energy in the gymnasium, spend time with peers in the cafeteria, and much more.

If a student is failing a course, they are required to visit that teacher during flex-time until their grade is above passing.

Summer Enhancement Registration

Dear SHDHS Families,

SHDHS is proud to offer our Summer Enhancement Program. Our academic enhancement programs are designed to prepare our students for the rigors of the upcoming school year. Below are some of the summer opportunities SHDHS provides in order to best support our students. This unique program offers students the opportunity to participate in an English and/or Math enrichment program, to ensure that each individual has the prior knowledge and requirements to succeed.

The English Program is set up to offer guidance with the required summer reading. Two sessions are offered: one 3-week session for each book. Students will be given weekly reading assignments and will engage in teacher-lead discussions that focus on large concepts and key details. The students will have the opportunity to participate in group activities and answer the assigned summer reading questions thoroughly, in preparation for additional assignments or quizzes about the book(s) once they return to school. By the end of the session, students should have a clear understanding of the theme and characters of the book and how to complete their summer reading requirements.

The Math Program uses ALEKS, an online program that allows students to work on both remediating any areas of weakness as well as previewing concepts for next year’s course. ALEKS uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately assess a student’s strengths and weakness to determine exactly what a student’s current level is. ALEKS provides students an individualized path through a math curriculum. Students will be assessed periodically and mastery is dependent on student’s progress. For more information please visit: In order to follow up with student’s progress, parents will be given a weekly report that will include student’s work while enrolled in a program.

If you have any questions about the programs, please contact: Laci Shea at [email protected]


Laci Shea

[email protected]

3755 Scheben Drive

Erlanger, KY 41018

The Summer Enhancement Registration Form and payment are due to the SHDHS front office by Wednesday, May 31st. Please mark “ENHANCEMENT” on the outside of the envelope. You can also bring the form to the SHDHS lobby and ask questions on May 31st from 9-11 am.