SHDHS Faculty and Staff Directory


Full Name Email Department
GRANT BRANNEN [email protected] Principal
NATE NIEMI [email protected] Assistant Principal
CONNIE CORNETT [email protected] Business Manager
TAMMY BUTLER [email protected] Secretary
AMBER LUZAK [email protected] Secretary


Advancement Department

Full Name Email Department
TONI LEHAN [email protected] Advancement Director
GERI AFTANSKI [email protected] Advancement Coordinator
COURTNEY HOFFER [email protected] Alumni Coordinator


Athletic Department

Full Name Email Department
JIM DEMLER [email protected] Athletic Director
SUE KOLKMEIER [email protected] Athletics


Counseling Department

Full Name Email Department
BILLY SARGE [email protected] Counseling
MOLLY ROEBKER [email protected] Counseling
SYDNEY CRADDOCK [email protected] Counseling
ALISON LONNEMAN [email protected] Registrar



Full Name Email Department
LACI SHEA [email protected] AAIMS
MICHELE RYAN [email protected] AAIMS


Technology Department

Full Name Email Department
JORGE CARBWOOD [email protected] Technology Director
MICHAEL FAY [email protected] Technology


SHDHS Faculty

Full Name Email Department
DAVID FAUST [email protected] Business
NICOLE GONZALEZ [email protected] English
ANGELA HARTWIG [email protected] English
MICHELLE RUDOWICZ-LUX [email protected] English
JEANNE VIETH [email protected] English
HANNAH VOLLMER [email protected] English
CHRISTIANA HEINRICH [email protected] Fine Arts
KATIE VONHANDORF [email protected] Fine Arts
TERRY WYATT [email protected] Fine Arts
RUTH CORONADO [email protected] Foreign Languages
ELIZABETH HASKEN [email protected] Foreign Languages
JULIA CRUZ [email protected] World Language
MAUREEN KAISER [email protected] Health Teacher
DAN TRAME [email protected] Physical Education
ALISON DUFF [email protected] Mathematics
MANDY FINKE [email protected] Mathematics
TIFFANY REDING [email protected] Mathematics
DIANE VAILLANCOURT [email protected] Mathematics
LORI JOHNSON [email protected] Mathematics
JEFF CARLE [email protected] Religion
MICHAEL PATTI [email protected] Religion
ANNIE POAT [email protected] Religion
WENDY TOBERGTE [email protected] Religion
ZACHARY ZVOSECZ [email protected] Religion
MICHAEL FAY [email protected] Science
ANN MALONEY [email protected] Science
RON OTTE [email protected] Science
MARK VON BOKERN [email protected] Science
ERIN PLEIMAN [email protected] Science
KYLA BRADY [email protected] Social Studies
TERRI FUGATE [email protected] Social Studies
JAY GRAUE [email protected] Social Studies
BRIDGET KAISER-MUNDAY [email protected] Social Studies
JAMES DENNING [email protected] Technology
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