Welcome to Crusader Check and Connect (CCC):

CCC is an extension of our Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS). This program checks on the well-being of our students through a multi-disciplinary approach.  CCC encourages collaboration and allows transparency among teachers, students, parents, counselors, and mentors.  The goal of the program is to care for and respond to our student’s needs in a proactive approach and take a positive interest in the student.

At-risk students are flagged through a weekly screening process, and mentors are assigned to check on these students in order to increase their involvement in their own education.  Mentors take a specific and strategic interest in at-risk students by helping the students to set goals for improvement and by acknowledging positive progress along the way.

We encourage you to use CCC to engage with your student(s) on their weekly progress and dialogue with them about their successes and challenges.  It is important to have open communication among all parties involved in your student’s education and to encourage our students to dialogue with their teachers in a professional manner that will teach them to advocate for themselves in the future.

Our Technology Department has developed this application specifically for SHDHS. The CCC team is continuously making improvements to the application.  Please be patient as we make these enhancements throughout the year.

For instructions on how to access CCC please click here.

Thank you,
Crusader Check and Connect Team

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