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Homecoming Dance

Homecoming Permission Slip

Homecoming tickets will be sold Monday, September 24 through Thursday, September 27 at all lunch periods.

Homecoming Dress Code Policy

Please see the attached document for examples of appropriate Homecoming dresses.

  • The neckline of the dress should be modest, which means no cleavage.
  • The back of the dress needs to be appropriately contoured and modest, and cannot dip below the natural waistline.
  • No midriff cut-outs or bare midriffs will be permitted. Cut outs may not extend past the midline of the body on the side, including those covered by mesh.
  • Slits in the dress will be no higher than 4″ above the knee.
  • Length of dress no shorter than 4″ above the knee when standing up, and should not ride up significantly while walking or dancing.
  • Guys must wear dress pants, shirt and tie. No jeans and no ball caps.
  • It is up to SHDHS students to inform their dates ahead of time regarding the dress code policy for the dance. They must abide by the same dress code.

Homecoming Dress Code