Academic Courses

Visual Art Courses: St. Henry District High School takes immense pride in the Visual Art Department hoping to foster a creative, comfortable, and beneficial experience for each individual student. Our goal is to not only help students grow through their visual communication and use of media, but also as responsible and educated young adults entering a creative and competitive art scene.

Visual Art Courses Offered:

  • Art I
  • Art II
  • Art III
  • Art IV (Senior Portfolio)
  • Art IV (AP Studio Art)
  • AP Art History
  • Digital Art and Design
  • Photography and Film

Choir Courses: The choirs consist of dedicated, talented, and passionate students and allows them to explore their love for music and song. Students who participate in the choirs focus on creating music for ministry, performance, and competition. Our goal is that every student who has a passion and desire to share their musical talent has the means to participate, learn lifelong music skills, and be prepared for any choir beyond high school.

Choir Courses Offered:

  • Women’s Chorus
  • Concert Chorus

Band Courses: Both the advanced band (Crusader Band) and the beginning band (Cadet Band) are academic classes with specific goals and expectations.  The curriculum taught in the classes includes instrument technique, music reading skills, music theory, and performance.  In addition to the required curriculum, character and teamwork, as well as responsibility and work ethics, are important elements of the classes.  The SHDHS Band Program presents a concert each quarter.  Students are also prepared and encouraged to participate in the KMEA Solo and Ensemble Contest in April.

Band Courses Offered:

  • Beginning Band
  • Advanced Band

Drama Courses: The philosophy of the drama department is to allow students the opportunity to create new characters and to express those characters in class or onstage in a compelling manner that shares a story and a message with their audience. For Drama 1 class, the focus is on a main overview of the many facets drama offers. The advanced Drama classes (Drama 2 and Drama 3) offer students the opportunity to further explore acting, directing, and aspects of technical theater. It also allows students to explore the avenue of playwriting.

Drama Courses Offered:

  • Drama I
  • Drama II (Advanced Acting)
  • Drama III (Advanced Directing / Technical Production)
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