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When you support the Crusader Annual Appeal, you directly support St. Henry District High School’s mission to “provide a well-rounded, college-preparatory education that teaches students to live the Catholic faith by embracing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.”

All funds raised through our annual appeal go directly towards closing the gap between the current rate of tuition and fees ($9,400) and the actual cost of educating one student ($10,500). This school year’s gap sits at close to half a million dollars, or nearly $1,000 per student. Our goal for this year’s campaign is to raise $100,000 to help fill that gap.

A Crusader Annual Appeal donation is 100% focused on THIS YEAR’S OPERATING BUDGET.

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The future of Catholic education at St. Henry District High School lies within our endowment. This endowment, which includes individually named scholarships, as well as general financial assistance, always sees more need than available funds.

A major gift towards a scholarship or general financial assistance helps ensure that more families wishing to send their sons and daughters to SHDHS are afforded that opportunity.

A Scholarship Gift is 100% focused on FUTURE SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES.

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Capital gifts are crucial to the future of any Catholic school. Without these types of gifts, St. Henry District High School would be unable to address our ever-present capital improvement needs of our facilities and individual departments. In turn, this would greatly affect our ability to offer the very best education possible and to compete effectively for students and for faculty in today’s demanding and competitive world of secondary education.

Capital gifts help fund current building projects, departmental needs, and more.

A Capital Gift is 100% focused on a specific CAPITAL NEEDS.

Another avenue of support for St. Henry District High School is through a planned gift. A planned gift is exactly what its title suggests…any major gift made as part of a donor’s overall financial and/or estate planning. There are two primary types of planned gifts: 1) those that return income or other financial benefits to a donor in return for their contribution and 2) those that are paid out as part of a donor’s estate. Planned giving is focused on preserving Catholic education for future generations. And while these gifts may not build buildings or increase our annual fund, they can substantially increase our endowment and are, therefore, an excellent method of providing future income to St. Henry District High School.

Planned Giving is 100% focused on OUR SCHOOL’S FUTURE FINANCIAL SECURITY.

If you have questions or would like to speak with someone about adding St. Henry District High School to your estate planning, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Please contact us at 859.525.0255 (Ext. 2821) or [email protected].

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