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Shannon Beck
Senior Counselor
BA in Psychology
Masters in Counselor Education
Phone: 859.525.5844
Email: [email protected]

Julie Feinauer
Freshmen Counselor / Sophomore Counselor
Substance Abuse Program Counselor
BA in English
Masters in School Counseling
Phone: 859.525.5844
Email: [email protected]

Billy Sarge
Junior Counselor / Enrollment Director
BA in Communications
Phone: 859.525.5844
Email: [email protected]

Jean Warken
Counseling / Enrollment Assistant
Phone: 859.525.5844
Email: [email protected]

Guidance / Counseling

The SHDHS Counseling Department assists students with their academic, college and career, as well as social/emotional development through both individual counseling and group/classroom guidance. Each grade level is assigned to a counseling staff member who works with that grade to help ensure success across all areas of development. The department uses assessments (HSPT, ACT, PSAT, AP, National Language Exams) to guide and inform all stakeholders of student progress, and curriculum development.

Counseling staff members are also available to meet with students and  parents by appointment to discuss academic/college planning, or develop strategies to meet student needs in the areas of social and emotional wellness. A variety of interactive guidance sessions, emails, and other correspondence  are provided throughout the year for both parents and students.


Freshman Course Plan

  • Religion I
  • English I / English I Honors
  • STEM Explorations / STEM Explorations Honors / Biology Honors
  • Algebra  I  / Algebra I Honors / Geometry Honors
  • Health / Physical Education
  • Global & Digital Citizenship / AP Human Geography
  • *Foreign language – two consecutive years by graduation to meet the pre-college curriculum requirement
  • *One creative or performing art by graduation is required by the state



Sophomore Course Plan

  • Religion II
  • English II / English II Honors
  • Biology / Biology Honors
  • Geometry / Geometry Honors / Algebra II / Algebra II Honors
  • World Civilization / World Civilization  Honors / AP World Civilization


Junior Course Plan

  • Religion III
  • English III / English III Honors
  • Algebra II / Algebra II Honors / Algebra III / Precalculus / Precalculus Honors / AP Calculus
  • United States History / AP United States History
  • *Chemistry / Chemistry Honors (ELECTIVE)

*Chemistry should be taken during the junior year as the student’s third science credit. The exception would be if the student is taking Geometry as a junior. The student would then take Algebra II and take Chemistry as a senior.

Senior Course Plan

  • Religion IV
  • English IV / AP English
  • Government / Economics / AP Government
  • Math Course

Important Events

Senior Dinner

Seniors and their parents will be invited to attend a special dinner at Receptions in Erlanger, KY. This dinner is typically held at 5:00 p.m. on a Sunday in either late April or early May. Senior parents will receive an email invitation approximately four weeks prior to the diner.

Senior Awards

Seniors will wear caps and gowns and process into the gym. Please make sure gowns are pressed. Bring gowns to school on that day on hangers with names attached.

Senior Exams

Seniors will take their exams the same time as everyone else. Exam schedules will be posted throughout the school when the time comes. Senior failures will be turned in to the office as soon as grades are available. Seniors will then be notified.

Baccalaureate Mass

Your final high school liturgy will be at St. Henry District High School. You should dress up for this occasion and sit with your parents as a family unit. You do not wear caps and gowns and do not process into the gym for this mass.

Senior Awards / Reception

Following Baccalaureate Mass will be the Senior Awards Presentation and Reception. The awards will take place in the gym (Holbrook Hall) and the reception will take place in the cafeteria (Millay Hall). Dress for the evening will be coats and ties for the guys and nice dress outfits for the girls.

Graduation Practice

There will be only one graduation practice. It will be at the Thomas More College Conner Convocation and Athletic Center. We will stay until everything works well (normally about an hour). Attendance is mandatory for graduation practice.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation ceremonies will be at Thomas More. Please make sure caps and gowns are pressed. Boys must wear dress clothes, dress shoes, white shirts, and ties. Girls should wear light-colored dresses. Following graduation, caps and gowns must be returned before you leave that morning.