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Congratulations to the STEM Freshmen who finished their first module, a mousetrap car.

They made them out of wood, straws, CDs, string, and various other materials. The cars could only be powered by one mousetrap. Students had to research, design, build, and test their prototype before race day. They also prepared a written engineering report of their design and process and then presented it as a speech to the class.

And a special congrats to Dallas McCoy and Josh Neils. Their car won the competition when it travelled the furthest distance – 11.1 meters (nearly 36.5 feet). To see the other Top 10 Finishers, please click here.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. At SHDHS STEM Explorations is a first-year course that introduces science, emphasizes hands-on experimental design and data analysis. Students are guided through in-depth assessment of experimental results with the goal of increasing critical thinking skills. The fourth quarter revolves around engineering project based learning modules to allow all students to explore scientific principles in real-life situations.

Special recognition also goes out to Emma Esselman who designed the winning logo for this year’s STEM Exploration class!

Each student submitted a design, each class picked the top two designs, then all the classes voted again to narrow the field to the top five designs. The teachers then chose their favorite design from the top 5.