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Congratulations to Savannah Koch and Natalie Noll for being named Crusaders of the Week for 2/10-2/14.
Mrs. Finke nominates Savannah for Algebra 1. Savannah has a real desire to want to learn and is always prepared for class with her homework and ready to ask questions. Her kindness is contagious in class as she is always willing to help other students. She has a drive to not only get a good grade, but to truly understand the content. Her drive and strong work ethic combined have resulted in a great performance in class. Congratulations Savannah!

Mr. Harris nominates Natalie Noll for English II. Natalie is naturally curious. In class, she asks questions because she wants to understand and have clarity. Natalie brings new points to light which help other students better comprehend what is read. Her optimistic presence is a good jolt of energy in the classroom. During class, Natalie follows along and pays attention to the tasks at hand. Her hard work places her as a top English student. You deserve this honor, Natalie!