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Out of Uniform Days

Our Students, Administration, Faculty and Staff are generous with their outreach to others in many ways. From monetary donations to non-perishable food items, the Crusader community gives generously to more than 20 different local organizations each year via Out of Uniform Days.


2018-2019 Out of Uniform Dates   Food Pantry Items

Dress Code for Out of Uniform Days
Clothing may not have any references to alcohol/drugs. Also, anything questionable or with a double meaning may not be printed on the clothing. Shorts should touch the knee. Shirts or tops without sleeves, jackets, and other outdoor garments are not permitted. No bare midriff or cleavage may be showing. Hooded sweatshirts will be permitted on non-uniform days. Hats are only permitted on the special themed day. The student will be asked to correct the violation of the dress code. This may result in sending the student home or the parent bringing the correct clothing to school. If the student misses class time to correct a dress code violation, he/she will be unexcused from that class and will not be permitted to make up the work.