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Let’s Talk About It

This webpage has been designed to provide information on a number of topics that may seem difficult to talk about with your child. Today, our adolescents are under more pressure than ever before with school, community service, sports, extra-curricular activities, work, not to mention expectations, and still having time with friends. Now add to all of this fitting in and peer pressure.

It’s fine as long as all of the plates are spinning, but what happens when life throws you a curve? In any event, early detection of “unusual behavior” is the key to a quicker recovery and getting back on track. Being equipped with healthy coping tools will enable a person to sustain through the difficult times both physiologically, as well as, psychologically.

If you sense there may be an issue, please feel free to call a school counselor; however, if there is a serious matter, then seek help immediately through your family physician or go to your nearest emergency room. Finding the facts and bringing light to a scary situation may be difficult, but the worst thing you can do is “to do nothing at all”.

Helpful Links

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Partnership for Drug Free Kids
Various topics that help to initiate discussions for a drug free lifestyle

Family dinners reduce teen drug use.