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Congratulations to our Crusaders of the Week, Abby Schaefer and Cheyenne Helmle!

Mrs. Hasken nominated Abby Schaefer for Crusader of the Week for Spanish 2 Honors. Abby always has a positive attitude and is the first to volunteer to participate or help her classmates. She has a tremendous work effort and a real interest in Spanish. She asks interesting questions that further class discussion and helps make the class a positive learning environment. Congratulations, Abby!

Mr. Avina nominated Cheyenne Helmle for Crusader of the Week for Chorus. Cheyenne is always attentive and brings a great attitude to Chorus. She works hard with the group and helps her section blend really well. When challenged, Cheyenne puts thought and passion into the music we work on, whether its music from our patriotic unit, music we work on from pop culture and movies, or for All School Masses – she finds a way to put energy and passion into each piece. Congratulations, Cheyenne!