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A Parent’s Prayer for Graduates and Wisdom
“But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.” (James 1:5)
Dear God, we ask that you help our children to walk in your wisdom and grace. We pray for spiritual eyes and discernment in all things. Help them to be wise leaders and influencers in this generation, not conformed to the world, but transformed by your power. We ask that you would equip them with all that they need to make a difference for your purposes. Help them to live as salt and light in a dark world that so desperately needs to know your truth. We ask for your power to help them to walk continually in honesty and integrity. Build within them deep godliness, that they would be more concerned about their character than their reputation. We pray that they would seek to bring honor to You throughout their lives, that they would have a vision and heart for the world. Extend their boundaries and give them incredible influence with people and nations. Make their hearts and spirits open to every plan and purpose you have for them, and to be willing to boldly go wherever You call.

Congratulations and Hats Off to Seniors. Collectively Seniors have given more than 16,000 hours of service to the community during the last four years. We are filled with gratitude for their service and the difference they have made in the lives of others.

Reminder to all Students – Continue to log all summer service hours that are completed for community agencies, parishes, and the school on X2Vol. Five hours completed during the summer can be applied to the upcoming fall semester service requirement.

Service Opportunities
Rose Garden Mission
Dear Amazing Rose Garden Mission Volunteers,
As many things are opening up for business, we would like to extend an invitation to those who would like to help us again at the Mission. We continue to serve our neighbors at the back door, which we plan to do for some time yet. There are many opportunities for assisting the sisters with: packaging , repackaging, sorting, cleaning, stocking, running, etc. Everyone who plans to help will be asked to wear a face mask and nitrile gloves. If you have your own, bring them. If not we have some extra. Thank you for everything you do to help us make it possible for the Lord to serve His needy families in Northern KY, Greater Cincinnati.
God’s peace!
Mother Seraphina Marie, fdm
Franciscan Daughters of Mary,

Fill the Pantry and Leave No Neighbor Behind – Knights of Columbus Food Drive
May 16th 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church
The Knights will be in the parking area (Father’s Lot) near Acree Hall to accept donations of non-perishable food and household goods. This food drive will support the Rose Garden Mission Food Pantry. The Knights will take every precaution through social distancing and personal protection during the transfer of the items that are brought. Thank you and God Bless you. Together, during these exceptional times, with your help, we can make sure that we leave no neighbor behind. Bishop Ackerman Council 5453

Daily Inspiration
A beautiful rendition of Be Not Afraid featuring many Catholic musicians, including Lee Roessler, a graduate from Bishop Brossart High School

The UK Blessing – Churches sing “The Blessing”

A Beautiful Mother’s day Song, “Mamastry” by Danielle Rose

The Pandemic has Caused Many to Face What Matters Most – God

Scott Hahn Offers Hope for Pandemic: Hold Up the Light of the Body of Christ

Don Schula, NFL winningest coach, remembered for his deep Catholic faith

My “Great Realization” from the Coronavirus – Reflections From Juniors
Last week, some of the Junior Religion classes had the opportunity to watch the youtube video, “The Great Realisation: Hindsight 2020 by Tomos Roberts; They were asked to share their “great realization” from the pandemic. Here are a few of their responses. How would you respond to the same question and how can we change our lives for the better going forward?

My great realization from the pandemic is that I need to cherish the time I have with family and friends. I need to stay away from my phone and other electronics and focus on being there with them. I have also learned the great beauties the earth has to offer, without all of the stores, restaurants, etc. being open. I have been able to enjoy God’s creation, our earth.

My great realisation from the pandemic is how skewed my perceptions of what is important and what isn’t important are. Being alone with my family and little to do has made me realize that the pressures thrust upon my generation of shallow concepts such as popularity and appearance aren’t as important once removed from that environment, as well as the needless buying which is popularized in culture isn’t as important as it is. We shop when we are bored, but separated from these in-person businesses I have realized I don’t really need what I previously thought I did.

My great realisation is how blessed I am to be the person I am. Through this experience, I haven’t been able to get out and see my friends, nor have I been able to consistently keep a schedule. Now, I have learned how good of friends I have. I am blessed to have people that care for me. I have also realized how much I need school to keep me on a schedule and keep me learning.

My “great realisation” from the pandemic is that I need to spend less time staring at my phone or watching TV. I need to spend time with my family and enjoy the outdoors. I also need to spend more time praying and growing in my relationship with God. I have learned that it is good to spend time with others instead of wasting your time on electronics.

I realized that the virus is helping to clear pollution because no planes are flying, and many factories are being shut down or closed. I also realized that I was missing many good things in life before the pandemic. Before, I had a busy schedule. I wasn’t getting much rest, and I took a lot for granted. Now I appreciate all of my family members and friends even more than I did. One last thing I noticed is that everyone is being kinder to each other, and appreciating essential workers. The pandemic is terrible and has its effects globally, but there are still some good things that have come from it.

My “Great Realisation” from this pandemic would be that I have realized how many opportunities I have in my life. The opportunity to practice my faith, hang out with friends, go to the mall, participate in school and out of school sports, be a part of YCET, and go to high school. When all these things were changed or taken away I realized just how much I have to be truly thankful for.

My greatest realisation from this pandemic is that sometimes I need to take some time to just stop, be with my family, and my friends. I need to take time each day for myself to relieve my stress because before I was feeling very overwhelmed with school, volleyball, and work and I am grateful that it has all slowed down.

My great realization from this pandemic is that technology is not the answer to all of our needs. We should instead seek God and spend time with the family like the old, traditional times by playing outside and having general conversations with the ones we love. Overall, spending time with others close to us is the moral of being quarantined and we should for once let our phones down and talk to our peers.

My great realisation from the pandemic is how much time you spend on your phone instead of interacting with others. I spent so much time on my phone without even realizing it until this pandemic started. I’ve kind of become sick of screens, so now I take time off of my phone and computer to interact with my family.

I am grateful for the great realisation from this pandemic. The world is beginning to become more clean and more wildlife is being born. I personally am in a better mental state because I got a break from society through this pandemic. I have caught up on sleep and am so much more happy and energetic. I realized that maybe the world and many people needed this virus to get a break from real life.

My great realization from the pandemic is how our world would be without technology. We spend so much time on technology our generation has forgotten what it is like to go outside and talk to people. We have lost all communication skills and we lost all-loving connections with people and even our families.

My Great Realisation from this pandemic is that we don’t need to be doing something all the time, making plans with friends, going somewhere, doing sports, and so on. Even though those things are not bad in and of themselves, we need to understand that they are not needed and that sometimes it is better to go without them and just be with your family. We can take walks or runs, we can play games at home, or we can read a book. We can do so many things with our families that don’t require big plans.

My great realisation from this pandemic is that there is more to life than just what is going on in your own bubble in the world. It has taught me to be cognisant of all of the troubles and injustices of this world and how I can help resolve them. Also, it has taught me to never take a day for granted again because life is a fragile thing that can be taken away at any moment. It is our duty to serve and love like we have no tomorrow.

My “great realisation” from the pandemic is getting closer to my family, especially my brothers. We can just talk now and have a good time and my whole family is doing things we might have done when we were little again. We have grown closer and learned more about each other.

My Great Realisations are how much family means to the happiness of my life. I realized how lucky and blessed I am to have those in my family be my family. Most of all I realized how greedy I can get and it made me realize that I need to be more giving and helpful to those who weren’t as fortunate as me.

This pandemic has taught me a lot and has helped me realize many things. For one, I have really begun to appreciate my family and the house that I live in. I never would have thought that my house would multi-purpose as a classroom, restaurant, game area, and pretty much be everything in my life right now. I have also spent a lot more time with my brothers and I believe I will continue to do this even after the pandemic. One thing I have realized is how incredible technology is. Without it, I would be even more disconnected from my friends and the world than I already am. Because of the many resources of technology, I am able to communicate with my friends, family, and keep up with academics. Most importantly, having the ability to still watch church and get to meet with my small group over facetime has really been a blessing to me and I truly don’t know what I would do without it. Overall, I have just come to realize my appreciation for the little things in life and how miniscule so many things are when reality hits. I will never again take for granted the chance to talk with friends or family, go to school, take a walk, eat a restaurant, and so many more.

The pandemic has taught me to value the things that truly matter, meaning family, people, faith, time, the simple things. The connections and relationships that are real in your life will continue. There is more time to spend with family. We have the opportunity to reach out to people that we haven’t talked to in a while or to try something new. This is an opportunity to grow closer to God in every aspect of our lives. We can realize a lot about ourselves and the world during this time.