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It’s almost Christmas Time!  Trees are going up, music is being sung and presents are being wrapped. This holiday season I wake up each morning and just say this short little prayer:  

I am very thankful and blessed this holiday season and I am thankful for all of our Crusader families and your many acts of kindness and countless hours of service to others. But I also want to make you aware that within our own community we have people that are down and out and needing our support this holiday season.  Most people dream about about their perfect Christmas…toys for their children creatively wrapped under the tree, ham perfectly glazed and ready to be shared with family and friends. But you see that doesn’t always happen. For some families, the holiday season poses extra challenges. Some families have parents with minimum wage jobs and struggle to make ends meet.  Sometimes families have to decide whether to pay the electric bill or the house payment instead of a Christmas gift for their 4-year-old son or daughter. While other families have lost a parent to a drug overdose and are now being raised by grandparents.

Recognizing the needs, and seeing local families lacking the basic necessities, SHDHS decided to make a difference and assist those in need during the holiday times, hence Elves on a Mission was born.  Elves on a Mission started 21 years ago and it is due to the generosity of you, our St. Henry Community that the tradition is still going strong. For the last 10 years we have partnered up with St. Vincent De Paul Northern Ky/St. Paul Division and RA Jones School in Florence.  The needs and the real life scenarios that we have received have tugged at our hearts.

The need this year is great, and with us not being able to celebrate our annual Thanksgiving Day Mass with our grandparents I am fearful that we will be a little short on money to fill the needs of each family, therefore we have decided to only adopt 10 families as they are very large.  If you and/or your family are interested in adopting a child or simply donating a gift card please contact Shawn Schwarz at [email protected] or call 859-525-0255 (school office).  

Thank you and May God Bless you and your Family Christmas season!