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Congratulations to our Crusaders of the Week for Nov. 11-15, Carly Comer and Nolan Hendy!

Mrs. Tiffany Reding nominated Carly Cromer (also known as C-squared) for Crusader of the Week in Algebra 2 Honors. Since the beginning of the school year, Carly has shown a focus in math class that allows her to pay attention to the details required for a higher level of mathematical thinking. She has a natural ability to grasp difficult concepts and is always willing to help others around her when they need to hear another perspective. Best of all, Carly is a student that brightens the classroom with her positive demeanor and cheerful attitude. Thank you for all your hard work! Congratulations Carly!

Nolan Hendy was nominated for Crusader of the Week by his Religion Teacher, Mrs. Angie Poat. Mrs. Poat recognizes Nolan’s strong character, perseverance, inner strength and discipline. He faces challenges with a positive attitude. His dry sense of humor enhances the classroom. He has made significant improvements since last year and has never complained about an assignment, person, or event. His kindness and respect for others is exceptional. Thanks, Nolan, for being an awesome person!