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Written by Melanie Laughman for the Cincinnati Enquirer. Click here to read the full original article online.


Kentucky Class A

Boys team: 1st – Bishop Brossart; 2nd – St. Henry; 4th – Beechwood; 6th – Lloyd Memorial.

Boys 55 meter: 8th – Jacob Moore, Bishop Brossart; 9th Jordan Moore, Bishop Brossart

Boys 400 meter: 2nd – Hayden Norris, St. Henry; 3rd, Jacob Moore, Bishop Brossart; 5th, Jordan Moore, Bishop Brossart; 6th – Michael Brockman, St. Henry; 7th, Jack Sprong, Newport Central Catholic; 8th – Noah Howard, Beechwood; 9th – Hank Birindelli, Beechwood.

Boys 800 meter: 2nd – Josh Gray, St. Henry; 4th – Brad Hickman, Bishop Brossart; 5th Jacob Marker, Beechwood; 6th – Luke Brockman, St. Henry; 7th – Andrew Alwell, Bishop Brossart; 8th – Ryan Branch, Bishop Brossart; 10th – Johnny Powers, Newport Central Catholic.

Boys 1,600 meter: 3rd – Joe Curtsinger, Bishop Brossart; 4th – Sean Ryan, St. Henry; 5th – Keaton Downey, Beechwood; 6th – Brandon Leicht, Bishop Brossart; 7th – Charlie Barsan, St. Henry; 8th – Johnny Powers, Newpor Central Catholic; 9th Kaden Marker, Beechwood; 10th – Jared Rowe, Beechwood

Boys 3,000 meter: 2nd – Joe Curtsinger, Bishop Brossart; 4th – Sean Ryan, St. Henry; 5th – Brandon Leicht, Bishop Brossart; 6th – Charlie Barsan, St. Henry; 8th – Hunter Belville, Lloyd Memorial; 9th – Mitchell, Reh, St. Henry District; 10th – Joey Weber, Lloyd Memorial

Boys 55 meter hurdles: 2nd – Jordan Moore, Bishop Brossart; 3rd – Michael Brockman, St. Henry; 4th – Austin Klosterman, Dayton; 5th – Connor Enxel, Newport Central Catholic; 7th – Nathan Howard, Beechwood; 8th – Jake Davidson, Lloyd Memorial; 9th – Allen Jump, Bishop Brossart.

Boys 4×400 meter relay: 1st – St. Henry; 2nd – Bishop Brossart; 3rd – Beechwood; 4th – Newport Central Catholic; 7th – Lloyd Memorial; 8th – Dayton.

Boys 4×800 meter relay: 1st – St. Henry; 2nd – Beechwood; 3rd – Bishop Brossart; 4th – Lloyd Memorial

Boys high jump: 1st – Allen Jump, Bishop Brossart; 2nd – Austin Alwell, Bishop Brossart; 3rd – Nolan Fritz, Beechwood; 5th – Luke Brockman, St. Henry; 6th – Treyvon Johnson, Dayton; 7th – Keaton Downey, Beechwood.

Boys long jump: 2nd – Noah Howard, Beechwood; 8th – Allen Jump, Bishop Brossart; 9th – Jaggerd Beauregard, St. Henry; 10th – Sam Howard, Bishop Brossart.

Boys triple jump: 3rd – Noah Howard, Beechwood; 4th – Nolan Fritz, Beechwood; 6th – Allen Jump, Bishop Brossart; 7th – Jose Nunez, Lloyd Memorial; 8th – Jake Davidson, Lloyd Memorial; 10th – Jordan Marksberry, Dayton.

Boys pole vault: 2nd – Jake Davidson, Lloyd Memorial; 4th – Nolan Brooks, Dayton; 5th – Jose Nunez, Lloyd Memorial; 6th – Morel Leon, Lloyd Memorial; 7th – Makhi Trimpe, Lloyd Memorial; 8th – Gus Lehmann, St. Henry; 9th – Michael Brockman, St. Henry.

Boys shot put: 3rd – Ajay Pelep, Lloyd Memorial; 6th – Jacob Cherry, St. Henry; 7th – Jonathan Williams, Lloyd Memorial; 8th – Jack Reis, Bishop Brossart; 9th – Mike Wallington, Lloyd Memorial; 10th – Michael Moore, Beechwood.

Girls team: 2nd – St. Henry; 3rd – Beechwood; 5th – Lloyd Memorial; 6th – Dayton.

Girls 55 meter: 5th – Natalie Pope, St. Henry; 6th – Caroline Schilling, Beechwood; 8th, Cassidy Cline, St. Henry; 9th – Audrey Pelster, Beechwood.

Girls 400 meter: 1st – Natalie Pope, St. Henry; 4th Audrey Pelster, Beechwood; 6th – Lydia Workman, Dayton; 8th – Cassidy Cline, St. Henry; 9th – Mary Felix, St. Henry.

Girls 800 meter: 1st – Reganne McMain, St. Henry; 3rd – Gabriele Harlan, St. Henry; 5th – Beth Grunkemeyer, Beechwood; 7th – Katherine Skeen, Beechwood; 8th – Madie Hazzard, Beechwood; 9th – Gracie Grunkemeyer, Beechwood.

Girls 1,600 meter: 2nd – Reganne McMain, St. Henry; 4th – Jackie Tierney, Beechwood; 5th – Becca Grunkemeyer, Beechwood; 7th – Emmah Morton, Lloyd Memorial; 8th – Gracie Grunkemeyer, Beechwood; 9th – Ellie Tierney, Beechwood; 10th – Kasey Hill, St. Henry.

Girls 3,000 meter: 4th – Tanya Shoyat, Beechwood; 5th – Emmah Morton, Lloyd Memorial; 6th – Kasey Hill, St. Henry.

Girls 55 meter hurdles: 2nd – Lydia Workman, Dayton; 3rd – Mary Felix, St. Henry; 4th Caroline Schilling, Beechwood; 6th – Rory Carr, Lloyd Memorial; 8th – Paige Arthur, St. Henry.

Girls 4×400 meter relay: 1st – St. Henry; 4th – Beechwood; 5th – Lloyd Memorial.

Girls 4×800 meter relay:  2nd – St. Henry; 3rd – Beechwood.

Girls high jump: 1st – Tia Browning, St. Henry; 2nd – Maddie Neary, Lloyd Memorial; 3rd – Jalyn Ballman, Lloyd Memorial.

Girls long jump: 1st – Caroline Schilling, Beechwood; 3rd – Tia Browing, St. Henry; 4th – Sophia Halfhill, Dayton; 6th – Rory Carr, Lloyd Memorial; 7th – Johnessah Barbiea, Dayton; 8th – Natalie Pope, St. Henry.

Girls triple jump: 2nd – Tia Browing, St. Henry; 3rd – Caroline Schilling, Beechwood; 4th – Sophia Halfhill, Dayton; 5th – Johnessah Barbiea, Dayton; 6th – Audrey Pelster, Beechwood; 8th – Maddie Neary, Lloyd Memorial; 10th – Hannah Beimesch, St. Henry.

Girls pole vault: 2nd – Rory Carr, Lloyd Memorial; 3rd – Lauren Kent, St. Henry; 4th, Tia Browning, St. Henry; 6th – Lloyd Memorial.

Girls shot put: 4th – Libby Lukens, Dayton; 6th – Katie Evans, St. Henry; 7th – Merrin Woods, Beechwood; 8th – Shy Marksberry, Lloyd Memorial; 10th – Melanie Ramirez, Lloyd Memorial.