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Congratulations to Sasha Menzer, Mitchell Wolking, and Riley Spellman – Crusaders of the Week, May 4-8

Mr. Wischer nominated Sasha Menzer as Crusader of the Week. Sasha has consistently been one of the top students for Honors Geometry throughout the school year. She is conscientious and hard-working, as well as a good classmate. She responds to questions, poses her own thoughtful questions, and collaborates well with fellow students in groups. Sasha is respectful to teachers and fellow students, and is a positive example for others. During the NTI period, Sasha was consistently in the class conferences and would always respond to questions. She was often helpful in checking for errors and difficulties in the materials. Sasha is a pleasure to have in class.

The Crusader of the Week for Latin I goes to Mitchell Wolking. Earlier this year, Mitchell showcased his creativity by making a video retelling the myth of Pandora. While this was for an assignment, Mitchell went above and beyond what was needed to create an engaging and hilarious video that no one in his class will soon forget. Mitchell’s involvement in Latin class consistently shows the same dedication; he is always quick to participate in class discussions and ask questions if he doesn’t understand something. Mitchell is further displaying his dedication to Latin by enrolling in Latin II Honors for next year. Keep up the good work, Mitchell, and congratulations!

Deacon Larry Kleisinger nominated Riley Spellman for Crusader of the Week in Religion II. Throughout the year, Riley was supportive of all that we did in class, and she was a great example of how a student should act. Riley helped keep the class on track, she is a great student and is there for others if they need her. Riley seems to have a good grasp of what’s going on in the world and was a pleasure to have in class.