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Gospel Lk 6: 17, 20-26

St. Paul stated in his first letter to the Corinthians that “The wisdom of God is foolishness to men.” I believe this statement holds so much truth especially in light of Sunday’s Gospel. The Beatitudes were Jesus perfecting the and reorienting the old law of Moses and at first glance seem very illogical. Why would God want me to suffer, be empty, or broken? Surely that is foolishness!

But what we forget too often is that God is not playing the short game. God is concerned with our eternal life. While our happiness and comfort in this life is important sometimes the greatest and most fruitful transformations in our life come from suffering or brokenness. Fr. John Foley said this: “A person has to be open and empty in order to let God and others come in. If we want to love and be loved we need to have space at the center of who we are. And then goodness will come in.”

The Beatitudes serve as a reminder to leave room for God in our lives. That if only focus on the here and the now, only focus on our next task, next goal, next purchase, and if we only focus on the negative of suffering then we close the door to our heart. Jesus is providing the invitation for us to open our hearts and lives to Him. This week take a closer look at His call and decide how you want to answer.

Yours in Christ,
Bobby Gulla
Campus Minister


  1. How can you experience one or more the Beatitudes in your life?
  2. Think of a time you experienced suffering? What change came from that suffering? Did it help you improve something about your life? Why or why not?