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Gospel: Lk 9: 28-36

I have a friend who is a recovering heroin addict. He has been clean for almost one year now and the change has been remarkable to watch. He still talks about how everyday is a struggle to not go back to the drugs, but he refuses to let the struggles dominate his life. The Charlie Brown cartoon was his morning facebook post and I saw that post not long after reading this Sunday’s Gospel. The statement while suttle can be quite powerful, and ties in nicely to this Gospel story.

We find Jesus preparing Peter, James, and John. He is taking them aside to show them what it is they are going to be living for. Jesus knows the suffering that is to come and realizes how that suffering will consume the Apostles’ lives. But He shows them the beauty of what they are living for, in essence He transforms their vision of life.

This Lent how can you allow Christ to transform your view of life? Can you remember that simply living each day is a gift that God has given? Christ called Peter, James, and John to see the beauty in their life. Take time to look at your own this Lent. Look at your friends, your family, the beauty and joy in your life. Take time to set aside those distractions so you can follow Christ up the mountain, be transformed, and recognize that you too only die once, while you get to live everyday.

Yours in Christ,
Bobby Gulla
Campus Minister


  1. What is one practical thing you can give up this lent to take away a distraction that is keeping you from seeing the good in your life?
  2. Where do you find your joy and beauty in life? Do you take time to appreciate and be thankful for those things?