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Art Club

Art Club is for those students interested in learning more about art in everyday life. This gives the students opportunities to visit galleries, artist’s studios, and museums as well as work with each other to create art for the school and the community. You do not have to currently be enrolled in an Art class to join Art Club.

Moderator: Ms. Katie Baker

We have meetings every FIRST TUESDAY of the month, either in the morning or after school. Follow Schoology for meeting times.
Art Club is ALL INCLUSIVE. This means that anyone that wants to participate in anything we do may participate. For example, if you work everyday after school and find yourself not being able to attend anything, but hear that we are going on a trip on one of your off days, YOU CAN STILL COME WITH US! All dates and events will be posted on Schoology! You do not need to be an “active member” to come to speakers, trips, service, fundraisers, etc.

What is an active member? An active member is someone that comes to TEN (10) events. 5 by Christmas Break, 10 by Spring Break. Those events can be meetings, speakers, trips, service, whatever. WE WILL BE KEEPING AN ATTENDANCE LOG TO VERIFY THIS. Being an active member not only puts you in the school yearbook photo for Art Club, it makes you eligible for club awards, special prizes, and fun outings. Being an active member will also give you the opportunity to have a portion of trips abroad paid for!

Moderator: Ms. Katie Baker

Events Hosted by Art Club
Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular
National Portfolio Day @ Art Academy of Cincinnati
Speaker from NKU
Kentucky College of Art and Design
Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular in Louisville
Guest artist Kevin Muente