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This information is taken from a story written by James Weber for the Enquirer. To read the full story online please click here.


DOC MORRIS: The Doc Morris Invitational returns this weekend, April 12-14. The tourney raises scholarship money for local players and is named after a deceased former umpire. A total of 36 games are scheduled at six sites.

Simon Kenton

Thursday: Covington Catholic vs. McNicholas, 5:30; Simon Kenton vs. CovCath, 7:30.

Friday: SK vs. Johnson Central, 6.

Saturday: SK vs. McNicholas, 11 a.m.; McNick vs. Johnson Central, 1; JC vs. CovCath, 3.


Thursday: Beechwood vs. Highlands, 7:15.

Friday: Highlands vs. Tates Creek, 5:30; Beechwood vs. Greenup County, 7:30.

Saturday: Greenup vs. Highlands, 11; Tates Creek vs. Greenup, 1; Beechwood vs. Tates Creek, 3.

Dixie Heights

Thursday: Dixie vs. Bishop Brossart, 5:30.

Friday: Dixie vs. Ryle, 5:30; Brossart vs. South Oldham, 7:30.

Saturday: Ryle vs. Brossart, 11; South Oldham vs. Ryle, 1; Dixie vs. South Oldham, 3.


Thursday: Scott vs. (Cincinnati) Anderson, 5:30.

Friday: Scott vs. Cooper, 5:30; Cooper vs. Batesville, 7:30.

Saturday: Anderson vs. Cooper, 11; Ballard vs. Anderson, 1; Scott vs. Ballard, 3.

Meinken Field

Thursday: Holy Cross vs. Ludlow, 7:30.

Friday: Holy Cross vs. Conner, 5:30; Conner vs. Louisville Holy Cross, 7:30.

Saturday: Ludlow vs. Conner, 11; Lou. Holy Cross vs. Ludlow, 1; Holy Cross vs. Holy Cross, 3.

St. Henry

Thursday: St. Henry vs. Campbell County, 5:30.

Friday: Campbell vs. NCC, 5:30; NCC vs. Grant County, 7:30.

Saturday: St. Henry vs. NCC, 11; Grant County vs. Batesville, 1; St. Henry vs. Batesville, 3.



The Uncle Pete Noll Classic, hosted by Bishop Brossart, brings together a wide range of softball programs. Action will take place at four sites April 13-14.

Gold Pool A at Simon Kenton

Friday: Simon Kenton vs. Cooper, 5:30; Franklin County vs. Barren County, 7:30.

Saturday: Franklin County vs. Cooper, 9 a.m.; SK vs. Barren, 11; Cooper vs. Barren, 1; SK vs. Franklin, 3.

Gold Pool B at Ryle

Friday: Ryle vs. Knoch (Pa.), 8:30 at St. Henry.

Saturday: Ryle vs. Conner, 9; Conner vs. Manual, 10:30; Ryle vs. Manual, 12; Knoch (Pa.) vs. Conner, 1:30; Knoch vs. Manual, 3.

Gold championship: Pool winners meet 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Simon Kenton.

Silver Pool A at Bishop Brossart

Friday: Brossart vs. Lloyd, 5:30.

Saturday: Lloyd vs. Pendleton County, 9; Providence (Ind.) vs. Lloyd, 10:30; Brossart vs. Providence, 12; Brossart vs. Pendleton, 1:30; Providence vs. Pendleton, 3.

Silver Pool B at St. Henry

Friday: St. Henry vs. Grant County, 5:30; Lewis County vs. Nicholas County, 7.

Saturday: St. Henry vs. Lewis, 10:30; Grant vs. Nicholas, 12; Lewis vs. Grant, 1:30; St. Henry vs. Nicholas, 3.

Silver championship: Pool winners 7:30 p.m. Saturday at St. Henry.