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Active Learning Community Campaign

St. Henry District High School strives to ensure that every student is prepared to succeed in college and the workplace. In today’s rapidly changing world, that means adapting the physical layout of classrooms to conform to the advanced needs of every student. Below, please see an important message from Mrs. Laci Shea, SHDHS Intervention Specialist, and coordinator of our acclaimed AAIMS program.

Dear SHDHS Community,

As I write a future vision statement for the SHDHS AAIMS Department, I make sure our students are prepared for the challenges of a collaborative setting and keep in mind the individual needs of each student considering his/her strengths and weaknesses. A new vision is created every three years so that I can anticipate the constant changes in education. Although satisfied with the progress of the program, I constantly look for new advancements. In my continuous journey for improvement, I visited several local schools (St. Xavier and Turpin High School) along with extensive professional development specific to the area of 21st Century Learning. I visited Channel 9 News, the Big Dave Show from B-105, and Sunrise Advertising, where I learned about interdisciplinary work environments and how communication plays a very specific, but significant, role in the workplace. The demands have changed over the last 50 years for individuals entering the workforce, but our teaching model and classrooms have not.

I now feel confident in the development of a vision statement that will benefit the entire Saint Henry District High School community. Currently, there is not a single space within our building that encompasses all modules of an Active Learning Community (ALC). The ALC is centered around the 5 Cs: choice, collaboration, cooperation, critical thinking, and creativity. The ALC allows students to make advancements in their own learning process through academic preparation, social development, and self-empowerment in a modular classroom environment with access to multiple technologies. My research has found the ALC is needed to prepare our students for the demands they are facing once they leave St. Henry.

St. Henry is ready to move to a new level of student preparation and I am writing you because I am looking for sponsorship for St. Henry’s ALC by renovating Room 108. My target amount is $35,000 and with that amount, the ALC will open exciting new possibilities for student-centered learning. We are already one-third of the way to meeting our fundraising goal of $35,000 through the generous support of the Zalla Family.

I would like to personally invite you to a presentation on May 17 at 7:00 p.m. where I will share more about my vision, including a detailed timeline, which demonstrates the concept of student-centered learning and why it is imperative for a space like this to be available to all St. Henry students. With the school in the midst of a significant capital campaign, we know that our vision to create an ALC within the walls of SHDHS must be funded through special interest, and that is where your assistance is needed.

Mr. Otte and the faculty are incredibly supportive and the movement toward student-centered learning is an incredible opportunity for our students. Not only will this concept be unique within the diocese, it will help our students become advocates for their personal learning and growth and help prepare them for the advancements in college and workforce. I would greatly appreciate it if you would join me and help sponsor the ALC – no amount is too small when focusing on the integral development of each St. Henry student. The following link is a video that gives some insight into understanding an Active Learning Community: Click Here to see ALC at UC Berkeley

I look forward to seeing you at my presentation on May 17. For planning purposes, please RSVP via email to [email protected].

We welcome donations at all levels. Your tax-deductible donation can be made online via the button below or mailed to St. Henry District High School, c/o ALC Campaign, 3755 Scheben Drive, Erlanger, KY 41018.


Laci Shea
Intervention Specialist/AAIMS Coordinator
St. Henry District High School
3755 Scheben Dr. Erlanger, Ky 41018